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WIN with Baby Elephant Ears!

The yoomi team just fell in love with this month’s competition! Say hello to Baby Elephant Ears, a cute baby headrest that is oh so comfy and provides perfect spinal neck alignment to rest those heavy baby heads. This infant support pillow is not only gorgeous but is handy too… requiring no attachment or straps. This means your Baby Elephant Ears can go wherever baby goes…the stroller, swing, car seat or changing mat!

To win, simply answer the question below, by entering here…

Alicia Overby, Creator of Baby Elephant Ears, was inspired by:

1) Her love of Elephants
2) Her brother’s Big Ears
3) Her Chiropractor’s advice that her Baby required better head and neck support

Good luck!!

We did it… We won the Japanese Kids Design Award!

Great news! Our clever yoomi feeding system just won the prestigious Japanese Kids Design Award 2015 … Woo hoo!

The Kids Design Award is a program which recognises designs that contribute to the safety and security of children. We are absolutely thrilled that the awards recognise the hard work of our engineers in designing a bottle that completely eliminates the risk of overheating baby’s milk. Now parents can warm their baby’s milk anytime, anywhere confident that it is at the perfect temperature every time.

Thank you, yoomi HQ is very proud!